Netter Electric Vibrators

Benefits and features of Netter electric vibrators:

  • The driving energy is electricity
  • Voltages from 12 Volt DC up to 690 Volt AC
  • Frequency from 50 to 200 Hz or adjustable by means of frequency converters
  • Rotary vibration 
  • Easy to clean, smooth surfaces
  • Resistant to aggressive environments
  • Special stainless steel versions and explosion proof versions according to ATEX regulations are available 

Netter electric vibrators are available as external vibrators and as internal vibrators. External vibrators are  mounted to the structure to be vibrated (feeder, hopper discharge, precast form, etc.). Internal vibrators are placed into the product to be vibrated (concrete, bulk material, etc.), and are therefore subject to a certain amount of wear, due to abrasion from the product.

  External vibrators Internal vibrators
Frequency (min-1) 750 3.600 12.000 12.000
Centrifugal force (N) 40 217.700 1.160 10.470
Working moment (cmkg) 0,08 4.901  -  -
Radius of effectiveness (cm)  - 40 160
Compaction rate (m3/h)  - 16 65
Kind of vibration rotary rotary