How do you count chicks?

Or: How we solve tricky problems using vibration technology.

You can count chicks by gently guiding them past a light barrier. To make sure that the light barrier counts correctly, only one chick must pass the light barrier at a time.

Naturally, the chicks are very excited. They will not walk nicely in line and pass the light barrier one after the other, but try to push their way to the front, and somehow manage to pass the light barrier together with a second chick or even on the back of another chick.


This is where vibration technology can help:
At the counting point, a plate mounted on rubber elements and equipped with a small Netter pneumatic linear vibrator is fitted across the floor the chicks must walk on when passing the light barrier. This almost silent vibrator causes slight vibrations of the plate. As soon as the undisciplined chicks step on the plate, they become slightly irritated and walk very carefully, nicely one after the other, past the light barrier.

We must admit, this is a somewhat exceptional application for vibration technology. However, it demonstrates that we are able to solve both complicated as well as simple problems in the fields of material flow, compaction, sorting, sieving etc., using vibrators and our know-how.